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Chidozie Urom

Professional Counselor, Intern



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Chi believes that humanity comes in all colors of the rainbow. This has led him to what he believes to be a calling to psychology. He is a professional counselor intern in the state of Oregon

He graduated undergraduate university Summa Cum Laude with a degree in general psychology from the University of Providence-great falls. He will be graduating with a Master of Science degree in clinical mental health counseling from his alma mater, University of Providence-Great Falls in April 2024. Chi is a member of the American Counseling Association, National Honor Society and will be president of his university’s international counseling honor society.

Chi’s mantra is that as a strong ally and observer of your life, it is his duty to guide you through your struggles towards resolution. While the journey may not be easy, we can learn to find joy in the climb.

He believes that oftentimes, we lack awareness of how our thinking patterns affect our behavior, so he uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to locate and change faulty assumptions that keep us from growth. CBT is an evidence-based treatment plan that is backed by science and research data. In addition, he believes that you are more than just an individual, but an integral part of society and the universe. He therefore makes use of Adlerian psychodynamic therapy. This treatment strategy is holistic and addresses all dimensions of the self. This includes social, occupational, physical, emotional and also spiritual. A strength-based approach which is mindful towards ethnic and cultural issues and concerns.

Chi wants you to be prepared to find peace. Knowing that while you are in the driver’s seat you have an ally and a guide to help you navigate. He has faith that you can be free and that you can be mentally sound.

Chi is supervised by Kelle DeBruin.