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Deyla Tappan

Marriage & Family Therapist, Intern


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Deyla has spent the first half of her life focused on careers in Acupuncture, Tai Chi and martial arts instruction, and she has over a decade in alternative education development. Deyla is now turning her well rounded, out-of-the-box life experiences to psychotherapy as a MFT Intern with Kelle DeBruin Counseling. 

Her hometown is in the Rocky Mountains, but her life path has also included years raising her children and starting companies in California and Maui, before settling in the Pacific Northwest.  Deyla’s path has included some hard and heartbreaking times, which have given her a compassionate perspective on what it takes to pull through. She has also learned as much from her lifelong passion for reading books, as she has from her higher education degrees. 

When not reading or spending time with her family, she spends her free time training Tai Chi deep in the woods with her faithful Mastiff dog.

Warm, encouraging, and open, Deyla helps people discover how the very things which they are struggling with right now contain the seeds of strength for a meaningful life. Everyone experiences difficult times at some point in their life, no one is exempt. She sees your decision to seek the support of a therapist as a profound act of thoughtful courage and a mature desire to grow into your full potential. All of your distress is welcome here, and all of you is needed to take that next step into living fully.

Deyla is honored to walk beside people in times of crisis and in their journeys of healing and growth. She draws on work with Narrative, Emotionally Focused (EFT), Gottman, and Internal Family System Therapies, with a deeply humanistic approach and a grounding in mindfulness-based practices.

Deyla is supervised by Kelle DeBruin.