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Katie Palumbo

Professional Counselor, Registered Intern



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Katie believes the connection and care found in counseling, coupled with your creativity and insight, are a powerful combination that can lead to healing and growth. You may be seeking support for feelings of overwhelm, disconnection from self and others, confusion about who you are and where you are going in life, or any number of the many challenges that impact our lives. 

Katie utilizes a variety of modalities to address these concerns including Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) and believes that humans are complex beings made up of many, often wounded and conflicted internal parts. IFS work guides clients to strengthen and tune into their true self, encourages insight into symptoms, and patterns, and allows you to connect on a deeper level with all your parts.

She also offers Sand Tray Therapy which is a wonderful way to explore the joys and challenges of life. 

Choosing a therapist to share your story with can be daunting. Finding the right fit for you matters. Katie desires to provide a safe and peaceful space where you are accepted and cared for, free to share your struggles and fears at your own pace. 

Katie is supervised by Kelle DeBruin.