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Madeline Ball


Marriage & Family Therapist, Intern


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Madeline is a Couples, Marriage, and Family therapist graduate student intern in Oregon. She works with individuals and couples (both monogamous and non-monogamous) from an Emotionally Focused foundation. She is also Gottman trained and incorporates this into couple’s work.

Therapy is a space that provides comfort and safety to reimagine change in your life. She loves working with couples developing healthy sexualities, LGBTQIA+ individuals developing their sexual and gender expression, and people on the journey of healing. Madeline wants to meet you where you are today and move through the process together. This includes the heights of pleasure and the depths of grief; the process includes both!

She uses a person-centered approach, with a whole lot of fun and humor, to authentically provide a space for a collaborative, non-judgmental relationship. Creating mindful awareness into your lived experience to gently address patterns, build insight, and learn to cope in healthy, sustainable ways.

She thrives to enact change through equity in the spaces occupied. Madeline recognizes her privilege as a white, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman. She utilizes this humble recognition with education to provide a multicultural approach to societal members impacted by injustice and oppression.

Madeline is supervised by Kelle DeBruin.