About Shoshana …

Shoshana Dudley

Professional Counselor Associate



Kelle is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Oregon. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Religion from Pacific Lutheran University, a Master of Divinity degree from Luther Seminary, and a Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University.

Shoshana received her MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles where she specialized in Applied Community Psychology (ACP). ACP emphasizes the part we each play in society and community, and the parts society and community play in our lives and development. Prior to entering the mental health field, Shoshana earned a BA in Art History and a certificate in Early Childhood Education, in addition to accumulating ten years of work with children and adolescents. She is passionate about the promotion of social and emotional wellness through early childhood intervention in collaboration with families and institutions that interact with them. 

Shoshana believes that we are each born with our own unique strengths and sensitivities which are magnified or obscured by the relationships and experiences we encounter throughout our lives. By learning to appreciate and harness those strengths and sensitivities we can become our best selves and live a life in alignment with our values.

She views therapy as a collaborative process founded in respect, equity, humility, and genuine caring in which the therapist’s skills and training as well as the client’s strengths and expertise in their own lived experience are equally vital to meeting mutually agreed upon goals. 

Because each client’s goals and path are unique, Shoshana employs an eclectic, client-centered approach to therapy with a strong foundation in Feminist and Narrative therapies, Family Systems Theory, and Attachment Theory, and utilizes principles and practices of other therapeutic approaches as needed. Most importantly, beginning by building rapport and trust allows both client and therapist to bring all of their respective strengths and assets to the important work of therapy. 

Shoshana is an LGBTQ, poly/ethical non-monogamy, kink-friendly therapist who has lived experience with ADHD and anxiety.

Shoshana is supervised by Kelle DeBruin.