When is it appropriate to seek a therapist?

Throughout life’s journey there are opportunities to grow that often come from difficult or challenging times. Perhaps you are feeling strained in your relationships, or unable to find balance in your life? Or maybe it is the grief over the significant loss in your life that has brought you to this page? It is in these monumental parts of our lives that finding additional support is crucial to understanding who we are, and who we want to be as we come through these life experiences.

My approach to therapy

As your therapist, my goal is to empower you to examine your reality in a way that exhibits both your challenges and your strengths. Determining options and working together to create goals that will take you to the place you desire to be is the objective in the therapy room. Utilizing behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy interventions in a collaborative nature allows us to create goals that are specific to your needs and challenges.

I specialize in both individual therapy and couples counseling. Areas of depressiongrief and life transitions are common individual needs that I address in the therapy room. Working through challenges in pre-marital & marriage counseling along with communication challenges, parenting issues, separation, and divorce are areas in couples counseling that I concentrate in.

What to expect in session

I help individuals & couples understand life’s challenges in a safe and non-judgmental space.

During the initial complimentary phone consultation, we will discuss your reasons for seeking counseling and possible goals to work towards. The initial part of our therapy process is focused on understanding the core of the issue(s) presented as I get to know you and your past better.

Utilizing interventions focused on both behavioral and cognitive changes, the second part of therapy is to do the work of making real and lasting changes in your perspectives and in your daily life. Therapy goals are best met when both client and therapist are actively involved in implementing changes into daily life.

Therapy continues in a third phase of counseling where accountability accompanies continued discovery and growth through regularly scheduled but less frequent sessions.