Relationship Issues

In a simple definition, a relationship is a way that people are connected to each other. Within that definition are specific details that bring both great joy and challenge.

Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling

Making the commitment to marry someone is a significant life decision. Counseling is an important part of both pre-marital and marriage counseling as it enforces healthy communication patterns and emotional connection with each other.

Marriage and pre-marital counseling helps couples understand their partner better by exploring who each other are as individuals and how the two operate effectively as a couple. As these understandings becomes more clear for the couple, areas of emotional connection, mutual respect, commitment and desire for each other continue to develop and become meaningful aspects in the relationship.

Communication Challenges

Finding ways to engage in effective communication with your partner is foundational for a healthy relationship. At times there are specific issues that are more challenging to talk about than others. Sometimes as we are in relationship with people, we begin to encounter problematic patterns and habits in our communication patterns that begin to feel bigger and more significant than they had before.

Working with a therapist to understand the problematic communication pattern is the first step in resolving challenges with communication. Once the problematic pattern is understood, the couple and therapist can work to implicate alternative communication styles and patterns to encourage more effective communication patterns.

Parenting Issues

Throughout the stages of adolescence, parents have challenging aspects of understanding the best way for them to raise their children. Parenting can often make the individual or the couple feel unsure, frustrated, confused or anxious.

If you and your partner do not always have the same parenting styles or if you are both unsure on what is the best way to parent your child together, finding support in this time is an important way to bring clarity and agreement in parenting roles, household rules, and disciplinary actions.

Separation & Divorce

There are helpful ways to separate and divorce in a relationship. Especially when there are children within the relationship, finding ways to engage each other and communicate with each other enables a healthier life transition for the couple and all those involved.

Support with separation and divorce focuses on exploring options and understanding goals within the relationship.