Welcome to Kelle DeBruin Counseling …

1300 John Adams Street, Oregon City OR 97045

Providing counseling services to individuals of all ages offering interventions and resources for a variety of needs.

Main Line: Office@KelleDeBruin.com / 503.778.0787

Kelle DeBruin Contact Information: Kelle@KelleDeBruin.com / 971.204.1350

Jessica Warburton Contact Information: Jessica@KelleDeBruin.com / 503.828.2379

Katie Palumbo Contact Information: Katie@KelleDeBruin.com / 503.886.3642

Kendall Herr Contact Information: Kendall@KelleDeBruin.com / 971.359.5268

Rebecca Cook Contact Information: Rebecca@KelleDeBruin.com / 503.451.4532

Kelle DeBruin Counseling is able to accept Oregon Health Plan clients along with a sliding scale private pay clients ($75-$150).